OWN A HOME? Find out how you can receive up to $5,000 without taking out a loan or refinancing.
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Property Listing with WeGiveCash.com

Do you own your home and are looking to sell your house within the next 2 years? If so, WeGiveCash.com’s Home Sellers Reward program maximizes the value of being a homeowner. Owners looking to sell can benefit from a unique listing program where we pay you for the privilege to list and sell your house. This is not a loan and there is no obligation to sell immediately. The money you receive when you list with WeGiveCash.com is yours to keep. Find out if your property qualifies today.

How It Works

  • 1 Fill Out Our Form or Call Simply fill out our online application, and a dedicated WeGiveCash.com agent will be in contact to discuss the program details. Don’t want to wait? You can speak with an agent by calling our toll-free number - 800-260-2274.
  • 2 Qualify Your Property Our team will do a full online review of the property. If you qualify, you will be presented with a listing agreement outlining your Home Seller Reward value.
  • 3 Receive Your Home Seller Reward Once you sign and submit listing agreement; your Home Seller Reward will be sent out within one business day.

About Us

WeGiveCash.com is an innovative company designed to serve our network of real estate brokerages, while maximizing the value of being a homeowner. We believe that the sale of your property should be easy, stress free, and most of all rewarding. We partner with brokerages to ensure a locally licensed real estate agent can assist you in selling of your property and created Home Seller Reward program as a benefit for future clients.

We know that selling a property is currently rated as one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. WeGiveCash.com provides a rewarding solution for listing your property for sale. If you are in the market to sell your home, our service will put your listing in the hands of a local and licensed real estate agent. Simultaneously, all new listing clients receive a listing bonus of up to $5000.00.

The Home Seller Reward program is not a loan, and there is no obligation to sell your property immediately. We provide this benefit for the opportunity to be your listing agent when you are ready to sell your house or property. The extra funds from our Home Seller Reward gives you the freedom to use that extra money any way you need. And our network of local and licensed real estate agents will take the guess work out of selling your property when you are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Home Sellers Reward? The Home Sellers Reward is a benefit program for new clients that list their property with WeGiveCash.com. We provide this benefit for the privilege of being your listing agent when you are ready to sell your house or property.
  • How do I receive my Home Sellers Reward? After a WeGiveCash.com agent completes a full online review of your property. If qualified, we will deliver you a listing agreement. At this time, you will be notified of your Home Sellers Reward and the amount that you qualified for. You will typically receive your Home Sellers Reward in 3-5 business days, if not sooner. Once you have signed and sent back your agreement, we send you your Home Sellers Reward.
  • How do I qualify for a Home Sellers Reward? If you can answer yes to the questions below, you qualify for our Home Sellers Reward program. Still, a WeGiveCash.com agent will have to review your property before a Home Sellers Reward value can be assessed.
    1. 1. Are you a homeowner?
    2. 2. Have you owned your property for at least 2 years?
    3. 3. Are you looking to sell your property within the next 2 years?
    4. 4. Is your property valued at $200k or greater?
  • Is this a loan or finance program? No, this is not a loan or financing program.

    You may qualify for a up to $5,000 “listing reward” in exchange listing your property with WeGiveCash.com. There are no hard credit checks that are done. Get paid to list and sell your home. The reward that you receive is money that you get to keep simple as that.
  • When do you begin to market and sell my property? Once you have signed and sent back your agreement, a local agent will work with you to guide you through the process and timeline of listing of your property. Once the property sells, you collect the proceeds just like you would with any other traditional real estate transaction.
  • How do I get started? If you are ready to get started, simply fill out the online form or call the toll free number – 800-260-2274. Once our team of dedicated real estate agents receive and review your submission, you will be contacted.
  • What determines the value of the Home Sellers Reward? Everyone’s property is unique and different from everyone else’s. A WeGiveCash.com agent will have to review your property and your selling requirements to provide an accurate value of your reward. You can receive up to $5,000.00.